The BURDEN of Breastfeeding

I go to museums all the time and I’ve been visiting them throughout the last 18 months as well. But I have not enjoyed a good Old Fashioned in one and a half a year, so here we are! My blog is about living a glam life, and a Martini, a Gin Tonic or an Old Fashioned à la Don Draper every now and then makes definitely part of my vision of a glam life.

Breastfeeding on the other hand does definitely not make part of a glam life. It deprives you of a lot of aspects of your personal freedom in my opinion. I know there’s a lot of mothers in love with breastfeeding out there but honestly for me it was just a seemingly never-ending burden, putting me in the sole charge of our child. Glueing me to the house and my daughter and isolating me for hours (on parties and soirées). Making my neck and back hurt. And I could go on forever but I am not. I don’t want to annoy you with the really nasty details.

Fortunately my daughter is a wise girl, she just stopped asking for it the other day.
This vision of the ever-devoted, totally self-forgotten, over-the-top lovestruck, super happy breastfeeding mom? Must be the invention of a man. At least for me.

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