What is VULGAR?

What is Vulgar? This rather intriguing and highly exciting question is the focus of Vienna’s first real glam fashion exhibition. Hosted by the Winterpalais (staged by the Belvedere Museum) it shows numerous, high end & haute couture pieces by all big players of fashion (John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Prada, …) Apart from the hilarious fact, that it’s really been time for Vienna to have a fashion exhibition, the show presents ten (historic) theories on “the Vulgar”, showing works playing with folklore quotes, the use of profane materials and motifs, etc. . With that the exhibition really presents food for thought: What is VULGAR? When & why is something vulgar? Do we like vulgarity? 

Two little points of criticism: Most of the are contemporary-only some are historical, they seem slightly like a fifth wheel. Also it’s not really obvious, that the 18th-century paintings play a role in the show, so they too seem to be either superfluous or not enough contextualized.

Still and all in all a beautiful fashion exhibition on an eagerly-anticipated international level! P.s. What a delicate positioning of dear John just next to minimal Raf.

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    Thank you! Greets from Vienna!

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    Thank YOU :)!

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