My first name is Ivana. My family name is FACTION.

I’m a Fashion Designer turned Culture Devotee.
An Art Historian turned Social Media Manager.
A Creative Mind turned Passionate Tinkerer.
A Vintage Lover turned New Feminist.
A Young Mom turned Young Blogger.

I do a lot of different things, but actually I’m trying to do one thing only:

Bring things to life. Make Magic happen. Take the Facts and add Fiction, Poetry and a pinch of Surrealism.

This blog is my personal reminder to discover and create FACTION wherever I can. For me and for you. Read my articles, follow my projects and enjoy my proper FACTION and you will be able to discover and create your own – promised!

Do you have any questions or remarks? Are you proud of your own projects created after my recipes? Get in touch on Social Media or write an E-Mail:!

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