Strolling through social media feeds nowadays, discovering tons of blogs, projects and people’s lives, I often think, when do people do this all? How do bloggers or instagrammers manage to create all of it with a life, a job, kids, family?! How do people with a job manage to write tutorials, create best-practice lists, take perfect pictures of their outfits, curls and styles, take selfies and so on?

Live your PASSIONS on a daily base

But it seems to be all the other way round. People do all those things because they not only have an interest in doing them, but also have created themselves a reason to do all of it: their online platforms.
They probably led a certain way of life and started documenting it online, but in the end, they created themselves a reason to do all these things. They are learning about things and start writing about them to learn even better. In the end it probably becomes a beautiful circle.
As a result, people are pretty busy, but they’re living their passions on a daily base. You love what you do and you keep on doing it because your readers expect you to do.
Reading all of it can become an intimidating overload, but mostly I find people’s energy, drive and passion very inspiring – inspiring to do so myself.

Being a MOM ONLY is not enough

Being a young mum and spending the last year at home, working only sporadically, I experienced a new lifestyle: You’re free all the time but actually you never are. You don’t work officially, but your child is your constant, never ending job. Your former life is pretty much gone, unless you organize yourself a babysitter for some hours, so you can be yourself again and do the things you used to do – for some hours.
I adore my daughter and having a child, but – honestly having a child is not enough for me (3 2 1 – looking forward to your comments on THAT sentence). Being solely a mom does not make me a good and patient, a smiling and inspiring or joyful mom. It makes me frustrated, short tempered, impatient and not very cheerful. Not immediately and constantly but after days, weeks and a whole year. I need my own projects and need to discover and create. And it’s then when I happen to be a good mom (at least I believe so). It’s also then when I have the impression to be a good role model and to inspire my daughter to become a great woman – on a long term view. Living a life solely deciding about diapers, baby food, sleeping and playing hours, and the next coffee chat is nothing I want – neither for my daughter and per consequence not for me. For those of you who know me personally, this probably comes as no surprise. A lot of you probably thought: Her first day off duty will be a huge shock and actually I thought so too. Well, no, it took whole 10 months to feel that void and the necessity to create something.

So the one and only consequence is creating this blog.
Here I am creating my personal platform as a reminder to search for the FACTION in life. 
To create FACTION whenever I can. To cultivate my passions wherever possible.
And to document the little and huge fairy moments of daily life.