PIN your way to FACTION – your DIY pin curl tutorial

How to pin your way to faction / title

A Vintage Hair Tutorial

I have been doing my vintage style curls for seven years now. I first tackled the subject of pin curls for my wedding styling – since then I’ve been trying to perfect them all over again!

The art of curling: a highly complex system with a long tradition. I’m particularly fond of styling from 1945 to 1960: whether Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner, Louise Allbritton, Joi Lansig or Alida Valli – they all performed hair styling that has not lost its Vintage glamour to this day.

The effort that went into those decades – day after day – is almost unimaginable today. Contemporary, well-researched, high-quality series plots illustrate this quite well: Whether it’s Betty Draper in Mad Men or Mrs. Midge Maisel – both show in countless scenes what that daily glamour in the making looked like. A woman had to be prepared to sacrifice a great deal of time and comfort, regardless of whether she herself or the hairdresser had a hand in it.

To do this today – alongside full-time jobs, family and maternal responsibilities – seems illusory at first. At the same time, it has to be said that nowadays women also spend a lot of time in nail and cosmetic studios and with dermatologists – so why has the art of hairdressing fallen into such oblivion? I can’t say. I can only say that every hairdresser and hairdresser I have visited since 2013 has either looked at me in complete amazement or complete fear when I told them about my 50s dreams. Well: So the woman needs to do it herself – this is nothing new.

And: To show a 50s hairstyle in the contemporary world – especially during the day – is a FACTION guarantor: In times of stylings that don’t want to look like stylings (out-of-bed) a laid hairstyle is already something completely different. It is not just another trend, it comes from another world – an authoritative FACTION FACTOR.

But enough fashion & culture history! Let’s get to the PRACTICE of this fabulous hairstyle!


What do you NEED?

Utensilien für Pin Curls


  • Setting Lotion (f.ex. Schwarzkopf Silhouette Setting Lotion super hold – at hairdresser’s supplies) 
  • and/or Curling foam (z. B. Well wellaflex Locken und Wellen) 


  • Eventually: Curling iron (f.ex. Remington, 19mm) and heat protection spray (z. B. Schwarzkopf taft heat protection spray) 
  • Smooth hair clips (20 – 40 pieces)


  • Round brush (mixed bristles) 
  • Slim comb


  • Haarspray (f.ex. L’Oréal Elnett de Luxe, extra string hold, for long days or evenings you could also take Schwarzkopf Silhouette Pump Spray super hold) 
  • Dry shampoo (ffor the following days f.ex. Batiste dry shampoo & Volume) 


THE FINISH: Brushing it out


Your vintage curls are ready! And there's more good news: The hairstyle seems to get even better on its own on the second and third day - the hair becomes looser and more natural. If you then add a few pins in the evening, then nothing stands in the way of your Vintage Glamour - and of DAILY FACTION!

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