Koons, Vuitton and (too much) WARHOL

Van Gogh by Louis Vuitton Bag / Shop window LV Vienna Shop / May 2017 / Picture (c) Ivana Novoselac

Can Koons, Vuitton and Warhol make fashion turn into art? Well well well.

I do love META, but isn’t the newest treasure bag by Louis Vuitton designed by Jeff Koons adding at least one META too much?! I love when art comments on art, when art plays with subversion, when fashion plays with art. But in this case, the Koons interpretation might be the famous straw, that breaks the camel’s back. Jeff Koons & Louis Vuitton join the most iconic and vulgar forces of both worlds, fashion and art. By doing so, the product embodies both their vulgar aesthetic and consumerist capitalist peak. So, pretty well done, right? The only trouble is, that they are probably serious about it. No SUBVERSION or IRONY here?

Oh Andy! Did you know, what would happen?

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